Exterior photo from the past

Our Story

  Back in 1962, the world was a lot smaller.  I-5 hadn't yet been constructed, cell phones were a thing of science fiction, and the whole concept of "fast food" was still in its infancy.  Following in his family's footsteps of running drive-thru restaurants in neighboring cities, Ray Campbell and his wife Ruby opened Ray's Drive-In in April of '62.  They offered free ice cream cones for the kiddies, and free coffee for the adults during their opening weekend.  Ray was known to all as tough but fair, especially to his employees. He paid them competitive wages and expected a lot out of them, offering many youngsters in the community their first job and an opportunity to learn a host of life lessons in that tiny little building. At Ray's, lifelong friendships have been forged, wedding parties have been filled, and many a kid has been sent out into the world more prepared than before they started working here.  Ray's is still in the family, and has been passed down two generations. And although the world around it has evolved, not much has changed on our corner of 14th and Broadway. We still serve the best fish 'n chips in town, and the burgers and shakes are great, too. Truly, the most impressive thing about our humble burger shack itself is the line of happy customers in front of it.